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Online Training: FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are questions and answers regarding the online version of the training. If you have any additional questions, please email


1. Is the training also available in-person?

The training is not currently available in-person. However, we encourage you to contact the corresponding units with any questions or requests for information.

2. How long is the online training available?

The online training program launched in myHR Learn in September 2020. It is available going forward, and the content will be updated as needed, on an ongoing basis.

3. Can I retake any of the online courses?

Yes, you can retake and revisit any of the learning activities in the online curriculum.

4. Do I have to complete the entire curriculum, or can I take only certain courses?

If you would like to take only certain courses in the curriculum, you may do so.

5. Is there a time limit for completing the curriculum?

There is no universal “deadline” to complete the curriculum, that is entirely up to you. It should be completed at your own pace and schedule, in alignment with any requirements set by your department or manager. The entire curriculum takes approximately 14 hours to complete.

6. How do I obtain proof of completion?

When you complete the online curriculum, myHR Learn provides a certificate of completion. Please note, this is a training completion certificate, not a professional certification. For information regarding professional certifications, including Certified Research Administration (CRA) study sessions at Northwestern, please visit the NURAP resources website.