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RCR Instructor-Led Training

Please note: Available RCR ILT courses vary by quarter. Plan to register for a course early on in your research. Graduate students must enroll via CAESAR. Postdoctoral researchers and visiting scholars must enroll via myHRLearn. For questions regarding which ILT course is most appropriate, please contact your department/program administrator.

Feinberg School of Medicine

McCormick School of Engineering

  • RCR Training: MEAS General (GEN_ENG 519-0)

School of Communication

  • RCR Training: Media, Technology, and Society (MTS 519-0)

School of Education and Social Policy

  • RCR Training: Human Development and Social Policy (HDSP 519-0)
  • RCR Training: Learning Sciences (LRN_SCI 519-0)

Weinberg College of Arts & Sciences

  • RCR Training: Anthropology (ANTHRO 519-0)
  • RCR Training: Chemistry (CHEM 519-0)
  • RCR Training: Earth and Planetary Sciences (EARTH 519-0)
  • RCR Training: Economics (ECON 519-0)
  • Ethics in Biological Research: Interdisciplinary Biological Sciences (IBIS 423-0)
  • RCR Training: Interdisciplinary Biological Sciences (IBIS 519-0). Open registration is reserved for IBiS Students Only. All others need permission from the IBiS Office,
  • RCR Training: Linguistics (LING 519-0)
  • RCR Training: Mathematics (MATH 519-0)
  • Conduct in Neuroscience Research: Interdepartmental Neuroscience Program (NUIN 490-0)
  • RCR Training: Physics and Astronomy (PHYSICS 519-0)
  • RCR Training: Political Science (POLI_SCI 519-0)
  • RCR Training: Psychology (PSYCH 519-0)
  • RCR Training: Sociology (SOCIOL 480-0). Registration is reserved for Sociology PhD and Post Docs who are affiliated with Sociology and have their proposals approved by Sociology.
  • RCR Training: Statistics (STAT 519-0)