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Research Integrity News

Our newsletter covers research integrity both at Northwestern and nationally
Fall 2018
  • Institutional Responsibility for Research Compliance
  • Research Compliance: Contacts and Resources
  • Did You Know?
  • Staff Q&A: Corinna Raimondo
  • October Research Administration Training Seminar
Winter 2018
  • Northwestern Adopts Authorship Guidelines
  • A Faculty Perspective on Authorship
  • Write Ethically From Start to Finish
  • Did You Know?
  • Research Administration Training Seminar

Spring 2017

  • Research Concerns: When to ask for help
  • Reporting Research Misconduct
  • Research Administration Training Seminar
  • The March for Science

Fall 2016

  • McCormick's Steps to Improve RCR Training Compliance
  • New RCR Resources Available
  • Innovative Research Portal Enhances Research Administration
  • Research Administration Training Seminar
  • AAHRPP Accreditation Within Sight

Summer 2016

  • CITI Training: What You Need to Know
  • Facilities and Administrative Rates in Sponsored Research
  • Research Administration Training Seminar
  • Columbia University's Cautionary Example

Spring 2016

  • A Slippery Slope With Serious Implications
  • Enhancing Collaborative Research Opportunities
  • Northwestern Takes the Lead at National Research Integrity Conference

Winter 2016

  • NIH Policy Update: Balancing Sex in Animal and Cell Studies
  • Research Administration Training Seminar
  • COI Update: What You Need to Know
  • One Step Closer to AAHRPP Accreditation
  • No Tolerance for Harassment in Science

Fall 2015

  • PI Transfer Dispute
  • Research-Related Onboarding and Check-Out Procedures for PIs
  • National Academy of Sciences Recommends Streamlining
  • Research Administration Training Seminar
  • Updates to NSF RCR Requirements for Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Researchers

Summer 2015

  • Research Roles and Responsibilities Gets a Makeover
  • Grant-Related Training
  • Revolutionary Change in RCR Compliance Monitoring

Spring 2015

  • International Collaboration Enhances RCR Training
  • Peer Review Anonymity Called Into Question
  • Policy on Non-Retaliation
  • Managing Your Research Data

Winter 2015

  • Conflict of Interest: What You Need to Know
  • Northwestern's Implementation of the New OMB Uniform Guidance
  • Research Administration Upcoming Training

Fall 2014

  • Northwestern Hosts Grassroots Research Integrity Association
  • MTAs and DUAs: Making Smart and Beneficial Agreements
  • New Electronic IRB Submissions System and Tools

Summer 2014

  • Changes to RCR Requirements for Undergraduate Students
  • Global Connections at Northwestern's Doorstep
  • NIH Promotes Reproducibility of Studies
  • Proposal Development Brown Bag Series

Spring 2014

  • Choose Your Own Research (Mis)Adventure [ORI's "The Research Clinic" Interactive Training]
  • Introducing PAM: IACUC's Post-Approval Monitoring System
  • Training for NIH's Transition to Subaccounts
  • Annual Reporting of Research Misconduct

Winter 2014

  • OMB Guidance Reform
  • A Community-Centered Approach to Science
  • Research Administration Upcoming Training

Fall 2013

  • NSF Proactively Reviews its Grant Proposals for Plagiarism
  • Cost Sharing Updates
  • Research Administration Upcoming Training

Summer 2013

  • Groundbreaking Cell Line Brings Ethical Considerations to the Frontline
  • European Commission Research Integrity Seminar in Brussels
  • Research Administration Upcoming Training

Spring 2013

  • Northwestern Welcomes Nigerian Research Professionals
  • ACCR Clinical Research Mini-Symposium
  • Responsible Conduct of Research Requirements: What You Need to Know

Winter 2013

  • Honorary Authorship
  • Research Compliance Risk Assessment
  • Resources to Maintain Good Authorship Practices

Fall 2012

  • Journal Retractions and Research Misconduct
  • Northwestern Partners With RePAIR Program
  • Compliance Corner